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Understanding Insurance Settlement

Handling Insurance Claims in Fresno

Home or business insurance policies exist in order to provide home and business owners with a financial fall-back in the event of a wide variety of emergencies such as fire, break-in, storm, natural disaster and others. Most people pay their insurance premiums in good faith, believing that the insurance settlement will be there for them when they need it most. Many individuals find, however, that insurance companies will often stop at nothing to find ways to delay payments or even deny claims based on shoddy reasoning or inaccurate information. This type of bad faith reaction to an insurance claim can have devastating results for home and business owners alike.

There are a number of different unethical approaches an insurance provider may engage in. Common unethical strategies include not investigating a claim in a timely manner, failing to notify a policy holder or eligibility for a claim, failure to assess property damage, denial based on technicalities or loopholes, delaying payments and much more. An accomplished attorney with Price Law Group can identify these strategies when they are being employed, and will take the appropriate action to hold your insurance company accountable for their unethical practices.

We Can Help!

Individuals who pay their insurance premiums in good faith should expect to have that good faith returned in the event of an accident or other disaster that causes damage to a home or business. Price Law Group has decades of experience in both consumer advocacy as well as litigation as an effective means of insurance settlement pursuit. Their firm understands the urgency with which a settlement should be concluded for those who have loyally paid their premiums, and their skilled attorneys will explore every possible legal opportunity to help you realize the most favorable settlement available.

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