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Have You Considered a Short Sale?

Mortgage Resolution via Short Sale Negotiation

With an increasingly bad housing market on the horizon for years to come, more homeowners fac e the possibility of lo sing a home to foreclosure. Negotiating a short sale with the lender is a common method for homeowners to find relief with little or no ongoing obligations in terms of left-over debt. Short sales involve time-consuming and complicated negotiations with lenders. In many cases, an experienced attorney at the firm can make sure the short sale process does not break down and result in long delays or rejection by the lender, leading to certain foreclosure proceedings. The Price Law Group has worked for 20 years to provide homeowners and realtors alike with dependable legal services and the most favorable results in relation to loan modifications, short sale negotiation and other matters of bankruptcy.

Short Sale Assistance for Homeowners

For families, losing a home to foreclosure is one of the worst possible scenarios. Short sales may be a better option for some because they traditionally carry less negative impacts than foreclosures, such as a lowered credit score based on how far behind the homeowner is on mortgage payments, rather than a standard 200 to 400 point deduct ion. Additionally, short-sellers are eligible for FHA home loans less than 2 years after the completion of a short sale as opposed to a minimum of 3 years as with foreclosure. Many concerned homeowners find it difficult to understand the various aspects of the short sale process that lead to success, due in large part to the complexity of the process itself. An attorney from Price Law Group can act as a legal consultant and trusted guide for homeowners throughout the short sale process, which can be an extremely effective tool in the pursuit of financial freedom from your home-related debt.

Short Sale Assistance for Realtors

Due to the many legal implications of a short sale, DRE, MLS boards and national brokerages have recently begun requiring real estate agents to enlist the services of an attorney in these transactions. Price Law Group understands how important it is for businesses to use dependabl e, quality-focused services to get the job done. Prospective home buyers rely on their realtors to make the process of buying or selling a home as smooth as possible. In turn, realtors trust in the attorneys from Price Law Group to achieve successful negotiations with lenders using an y and all information found by thorough research of the history of the loan.

Counsel You Can Trust!

Price Law Group is a Fresno bankruptcy firm that specializes in short sale services for homeowners and realtors alike. Their fee is an affordable 1% of the final purchase price, and this fee can often be paid directly by the lender, rather than the homeowner. For over 20 years, Price Law Group has worked to provide the necessary diligence and organization necessary for successful short sale negotiations with lenders who may be reluctant to settle for less. Their team of skilled attorneys and supporting legal staff is adept at identifying and exposing questionable areas of fraud or predatory lending by looking at the loan history, and has used this information as leverage in many cases to reach very satisfying final short sale amounts.

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